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Pay Later

No fees. No interest.

Real Estate Concierge | Fronting Pre-Sale Home Renovations


With no upfront cost to you, IMPACT Properties Renovations is the solution for maximizing your home’s value and minimizing your time on the market in a seamless process.Simply pay back money from proceeds of the sale.

Sell faster

Attract today's buyers with quality they expect

Sell for more

Maximize as much money out of your property as possible


100% of costs deferred until closing


Why this matters

Today's buyers are searching for quality, turnkey homes, making updates a vital part of grabbing interest. Pre-sale improvements are statistically proven to sell homes faster and for more money.

Covered Services


Interior and exterior painting

Cosmetic renovations

Windows, light fixtures, and other improvements

Kitchen and bath

Cabinets, countertops, sinks and appliances

Deep cleaning

Trash removal and decluttering included


Clean, treat, or replace floors


Professional staging geared toward modern styles

How it works

1) You and your agent work together to decide which services can increase your home’s value the most and set an estimated budget for the work.  

2) When you're ready to start, your IMPACT Properties agent will work with you to engage vendors and commission work.

3) Once the renovations are complete, your home goes on the market.

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